Before Local Queen,

there was Genderf**king Takeover.


Genderf**king Takeover (GFTO) was founded in 2010 when a group of friends were viciously assaulted on the streets of Portland for no other reason than being dressed in drag and perceived as being gay.

That assault prompted massive changes to the city of Portland, and the state in general, from laws to new community groups, even to the formation of a street patrol (Q Patrol). One month after the assault we assembled to walk the same path from that fateful evening, to join hands on the street and declare healing, solidarity and community. We dressed in fabulous outfits and stopped at several of the bars during this walk... and Genderf**king Takeover was born.

This led to an annual pub crawl, where we gathered our friends, threw some glitter on our faces and let the community know that there is nothing to be afraid of and that we are one hell of an awesome group to party with. We then branched out and included one off parties, queer events and anything else that needs a little boost with some genderf**king.

In 2011 we expanded even more, to include charity events, new parties and anything else that challenges the 'norm' and makes people think while still having the time of their life.  One highlight included hosting the official Halloween party for one of Portland's most popular 'dive' bars (The Matador Bar), where we collected socks for the Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (SMYRC, now part of New Avenues For Youth).

In 2013 we started the annual BIG GAY BOAT RIDE during Portland Pride, where we pack a boat full of partygoers and head down the Willamette river. This event has attracted national attention and features local queens and DJs from around the Northwest, as well as national talent like Latrice Royale, Bianca Del Rio, Shangela, Coco Peru, Trixie Mattel and more!

Beginning in 2015 we re-branded our name to LOCAL QUEEN, and expanded to events around the Northwest, as well as promoting local queens around the world through our various social media outlets. Highlights have included honoring Darcelle XV (the oldest drag queen in the world) on our Big Gay Boat Ride & creating the first Drag Wrestling Federation! Support your local queens, love your national queens, be a queen!